You take care of your business, we'll get your finances right.

We are an experienced team of an Expat Business Consultant and 4 Accountants

Big Changes! vs

Starting 2023, services for SRO Companies and self-employed / Trade Licenses have been rearranged. is for independent IT specialists, consultants, digital nomads and alike, is for all things corporate. fees are without VAT, fees are always with VAT.

I was / am / will remain actively involved through both websites and of course always happy to help you.

Looking forward to working with you,

ing. Roald A van de Munt,
Owner / Senior Consultant

About Us

Alexio's core business is Consultancy / Accounting / Taxes / VAT for self-employed and small businesses owned by Expats in Czech Republic.

  • Since 2008 we have assisted 100s of entrepreneurs
  • We speak English, Dutch, German & Czech
  • A good Accountant or Consultant will save you time and money

Our combined Expat Know-How and skills allow us to better understand you than an average Czech accounting company, resulting in high quality services with a reasonable pricetag.

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Accounting & advisory services for Foreigners in CZ

Business Consultancy

For ordinary people. Employees, the self-employed, small company owners. We'll help start your business, calculate Taxes / Social / Health exactly, How-To's: Clients abroad, Foreign-sourced income, DTAs and much more...

Accounting Services

Monthly or Quarterly Accounting & VAT Returns for small companies.

Payroll Services

Registration of foreign companies, Employment Contract drafts, Registering & Deregistering (foreign) Employees, monthly Payroll etc. etc.

Annual Income Tax Returns

For SROs, Trade Licenses & other free professions, Employees, Rental Income, Investments - we do it all!