About Alexio.cz Expat Accountant

It can be challenging for a foreigner to comply to the requirements of the Czech authorities.
I have experience first-hand, because I'm not Czech (I'm Dutch), so when I started my first business in Prague in 2006 I was amazed how much more complicated it was then in any other country I have been doing business in.

Over time I noticed that virtually every foreigner is facing the same hurdles. According to me, the key problem is that it often takes a foreigner to really understand a foreigner. Apart from the language (speaking English doesn't automatically mean: understanding English), even a bigger barrier is often a foreigner's concept of what is logical and right vs. 'the Czech way'.

Another source of confusion are the often-changing rules and regulations, and information on the Internet often being outdated and / or incomplete.

Alexio's core business is Accounting / Taxes / Business Consultation for self-employed and small businesses.

We very well recognize the typical issues expats run in to, and I am confident the Alexio.cz team is able sort out most of them, not only because of our experience with the Czech burocracy, but -even more important- we know whom to contact on which urad. Our accountants all have decades experience.

Next to that, people come to us with all kinds of (unexpected) issues they run into. The type of business you own, what kind of visa / residence permit and health insurance you have, it all has an impact on your residence in Czech Republic. We have been helping people out since 2008 - I lost track of the amount of hours of consultations, but by now it must be in the thousands.

By no means we require you to take other services than Accounting, that is up to you. It's a free world.

But I would recommend to take an hour of consultancy at an early stage to talk about your plans before you register your business. Good planning is really half the job and will save you money. I'll gladly show you which type of business is best for you, and how it impacts your taxes and overall costs.

Our values:

  • We offer full service, you do not have to deal with multiple service providers,
  • We speak English, Dutch, German & Czech - no guessing what we are trying to say,
  • We operate as your partner, actively helping you doing business in CZ,
  • A good accountant or consultant will save you time and money.

The Alexio.cz team:

Each accountant in our company has been in Accounting and Taxes for more than 25 years, serving both Czech and foreign clients. After the launch of Alexio.cz in 2008, the ratio of foreigner-owned businesses has sharply increased, and currently 95% of our clients is a foreigner.

At the moment our team consists of:

  • an Expat Business Consultant,
  • one Assistant,
  • four Accountants,
  • and a Tax Advisor (danovĂ˝ poradce)

Our belief is that our combined Expat Know-How and skills allow us to better understand you than an average Czech accounting company, resulting in high quality services with a reasonable pricetag.

Looking forward to talk with you!

ing. Roald A. van de Munt
Owner/ Senior Business Consultant