Accounting- and Business Services:

Alexio's biggest strength is that unlike most of the czech accounting companies, we have a lot of experience in dealing with foreign clients and their specific issues in Czech Republic. We have dozens of SME clients working as self-employed, on a trade license, as Business Consultant, IT specialist or Marketing Expert providing services and invoicing their clients in the EU. Next to that, we have sro clients that are active in the local Czech market, with a significant percentage involved in international trade.

Because an estimated 90% of our clients' businesses is foreigner or foreign-owned, certain parts of accounting become much more complicated (think of international tax- and VAT issues, Import duties, hiring foreign people (work permits, visas), registering at social- and health insurance, tax residency of owners and employees, etc).

About half of the people that come to us got into trouble because the previous accounting firm was not able to effectively solve or was even aware of those specific accounting issues.

Cost Estimate

A question we hear very often is: 'So how much is accouting going to cost me?' It is a very logical question, but for us one of the hardest to answer, because we do not know your business, the state of the books and potential issues. Compare it to calling up a carmechanic and asking him about the costs of servicing your car. At least he would need to know the make and model, and the state of the vehicle - else it would be a complete shot in the dark.

In case you have a running business, and a previous accountant prepared documents, please bring them (all). During the meeting we will go through them with you, so we get some impression about the volume and complexness of your transactions. Also we will talk about pending issues or things that you would like to see changed.

In case you have not started yet, or don't have any books to show, it becomes for us almost impossible to come to an estimate, since we have nothing to base it on. Secondly, starting businesses tend to have a higher need for advice and guidance than in a later stage, so hours fluctuate as the business develops.

Therefore we prefer to charge per hour, without fixed monthly fees. We work on a pay-as-you-go basis. In case you need our services more, you pay more, and if there is a lower demand, you pay less. It's as fair and easy as that.

In case you are really keen on a fixed monthly fee, we can do that, but with one condition: we will try to make a reasonable estimate of the hours and come to a fixed sum. After a few months, we will evaluate if the hours, and therefore the monthly fees, still fit.

How we charge for our services:

Accounting tasks are measured in 10-minute intervals.
So, if something took 2 hours and 40 minutes, you will pay for 2 hours and 40 minutes - not 3 hours. We do not have fixed monthly sums; we invoice according to the hours we spent on your accounting. Only for certain services we have fixed fees, see the pricelist below.

VAT filing, monthly or quarterly
In case your business is VAT registered, monthly or quarterly VAT Returns need to be filed. And, in case of invoicing to VAT-registered clients in EU, an additional ESL as well. Processing and filing VAT and ESL will take a couple of hours per month / quarter, even with a few invoices / expenses, because it involves a complex chain of accounting operations. Therefore, the monthly / quarterly returning costs are defined as follows: VAT Return: 750 CZK, ESL 500 CZK (if applicable) + the hours spent on accounting (750 CZK/hr).

Small Business? Not VAT-registered? No minimum monthly fee, only the Income Tax Return
If you require only an annual Income Tax Return (This is usually the case if your business is not VAT registered), there is probably no need for accounting services during the year. If you need assistance / advice during the year, you can just book an hour of consultancy / order a service without any accounting contract. For an annual tax return we only charge the hours spent on accounting at the end of the year + the tax return itself, see Preparing and Filing an Income Tax Return.

Consultancy, One-off jobs, representation at Authorities - not only for regular clients,
Short tasks, such as solving a problem at the tax office / social office / health insurance, becoming VAT-registered, registering a car or an employee, assistance with a business visa / residence permit (extension) etc. etc. are either offered for a fixed fee (see the pricelist) or are charged on hourly basis, depending on what it is. Feel free to contact us and ask an estimate.

Important - no expensive 'additional hours' or 'additional charges'

The usual trick of many of our competitors is: an attractive low monthly package, but in reality, all kinds of things get charged on on top of the package, for example additional hours with a much higher hourly fee than the hours 'in the package', or all kinds of 'additional fees' such as mailing fee, archiving fee, fee per accounting entry, fee-per-page for every printed / copied document, fee for folders, stamps, envelopes, fee for archiving etc etc. making the total bill far from what was suggested in the beginning.

Special "International" Accounting Services

Below you'll find a list of services that really require a specialist
  • Tax Optimization / Tax Advice on Foreign Income,
  • Hiring Foreign Employees - applying for a Visa and Work Permit,
  • Employees working outside Czech Republic,
  • Registering for FOREIGN companies Employees working in Czech Republic,
  • International VAT solutions,
  • Transport Companies (trucks, daily allowances for drivers),
  • Import duties, Excise duty, VAT on imported products,
  • Solving problems at tax office, social office and health insurance,
  • Bookkeeping Rescue - The previous accountant made a mess of things,
  • Late Filing, Filing Income Tax Returns / VAT Returns for previous years

Pricelists for Accounting, Tax Returns, Payroll, Business Formation, Visa

Certain standard tasks have a fixed fee, are not charged on hourly basis. You can find them in the pricelists:

  Administrative Accounting Representation
at Authorities
Business Consultation
Visa Consultation
Tax Advisor
Danovy Poradce
CZK 1000 1.000-1.500 1.500 3.000 3.500
EUR 40 40-60 60 120 140
Hourly rate outside office hours, in weekends, during state / bank holidays, after filing deadline: +50%
Type of Service CZK EUR
Accounting services for SRO company or trade license
The minimum fee for an SRO company is 3.000 Kc / month, and for a trade license 1.500 Kc / month.
See conditions in the link above.

Note: a small business, not VAT-registered, does not require accounting during the year, it is enough to file the annual Income Tax Return, - see conditions in the link above.
1000-1500 / hour 40-60 / hour
VAT Registration

Note: VAT Registration is not instant - Tax offices can be very difficult before a registration is approved.
Fee is excluding accounting services (none for voluntary VAT registration, unavoidable when obligatory VAT registration)
2.000-5.000 60-200
VAT Deregistration
* Note: The Tax Office may require accounting books up-to-date (accounting services charged separately)
2.000-3.500 60-140
VAT Reports (sent in electronically monthly / quarterly)
(excluding preparational monthly / quarterly accounting work)
750 / pcs 30 / pcs
EC Sales Lists (electronic filing, only in case of VAT to EU clients)
(only in combination with a VAT Report AND only in the months that invoices were sent to EU customers)
500 / pcs 20 / pcs
Type of Service CZK EUR
Fixing problematic Registrations of Business
(at Prague tax office or social office or health insurance)
1.500 / hour,
deposit 2.500
60 / hour,
deposit 100
Visits to authorities because of check (vyzva)
(at Prague tax office, social office or health insurance)
1.500 / hour,
deposit 2.500
60 / hour,
deposit 100
Personal / Corporate Income Tax Registration
(at a Prague tax office)
1.500 60
Employee Tax Registration (registering the business, not the employee)
(at a Prague tax office)
2.000 80
Company Car Registration
3.500 140
Apostille stamp on CZECH document 3.500 140
EORI / Customs number for importing in to EU 3.500 140
Energy Trading License of Energeticky regulacni urad ERO 15.000 600
Other Admin / Accounting Services
(Not described otherwise in the pricelist, fee depends on complexity.)
1000-1500 / hour 40-60 / hour
Expat / Visa Consultancy
2.500 / hr 100 / hr
Business Consultancy
(complex cases, tax solutions, business plans etc)
2.500 / hr 100 / hr
Type of Service CZK EUR
Annual Corporate Income Tax Return for SRO company
(excluding preparational accounting work)
from 7.500 300
Annual Personal Income Tax Return for director / employee
(excluding preparational accounting work)
from 4.500 180
Annual Personal Income Tax Return for trade license / zivnostensky list
((including social + health reports, excluding preparational accounting work)
from 6.000 240
Annual Property Tax Return (apartments, family houses)
(excluding preparational accounting work, rental income tax return invoiced separately)
from 3.500 140
Annual Rental Income Tax Return (apartments, family houses)
(excluding preparational accounting work, property tax tax return invoiced separately)
from 4.500 180
Transfer Tax Return (when selling apartments, family houses)
(excluding expert report on taxable value of the property)
5.000 200
Road Tax Return
(business must have a valid roadtax registration)
2.500 100
Extension of Tax Return
(by danovĂ˝ poradce)
5.000 - 7.500 200 - 300
Claiming Tax Benefits / Tax Deductions for previous years.
10% - min. 3.500 10% - min. 140
Personal / Corporate Income Tax Registration
(at a Prague tax office)
2.500 100
Type of Service CZK EUR
Registering a czech sro or trade license for employees

at Tax Office and Social Security and Public Health Care
5.000 200
Registering a FOREIGN company for employees in CZ

at Tax Office and Social Security and Public Health Care

  • 1 hour of consultation prior to starting the process,
  • email support during the registration process,
  • translation of up to 3 norm pages of the foreign company extract and attached apostille stamp,
  • checking existing (foreign) employment contract for compliance to Czech legislation.
    Note: we DO offer the service to adapt the contract / write a new one, see below.
Not included: super legalization of POAs and documents (if required), work permit & employment visa (if applicable)
15.000 600
Registration of an Employee (at Tax Office, Social Security, Public Health Care) 2.500 100
Annual Employee contributions overviews for authorities
(tax office, social office, health insurance)
2.500 / person 100 / person
Payroll Administration (for a Czech business)

Note: if integrated part of regular accounting, the entire company accounting is done by Alexio
750 /
person / month
30 / person / month
*ONLY* Payroll Administration (typically for a Foreign business)

Note: If ONLY payroll is required and no other accounting services (typical case: foreign employer, with 1 or more employees in Czech Republic)

Note: price for first employee is higher because each payroll processing requires administrative services in the form of document intake, scanning, sending results. These services are not calculated again for the next employees.
1.500 /
1st person / month

750 /
next person(s) / month
60 / person / month

30 / person / month
Ending Employment at Company
(cancellation of Payroll / Employment Contract / Social / Health Registrations)
2.500 100
Ending Employer Registration of Company
(removing the company as employer in CZ from Tax / Social / Health systems)
5.000 200
Adapting / Creating (Temporary) Employment Contracts - legal service
(contract written / checked by payroll account / lawyer)
2.500 / hr 100 / hr
Annual Personal Income Tax Return (for employee / individual)
(excluding preparational accounting work)
from 5.000 from 200
Type of Service CZK EUR
Formation of a new SRO company

(including 1 or more trade licenses, notary fees, lawyer fees, stamp duties of commercial court and trade license register,
business seat, translations, basic capita, visa servicesl)

Calculate the exact price here: SRO Order Form

from 22.000 from 800
Changes to Name, Business Seat, Directors, Shares etc. Contact us Contact us
Business Seat / Virtual Office in Prague
(price depends on duration and location)
400-1.000 / month 16-40 / month
Court Translation
non-EU languages: 1500 CZK/page
1.000 / page 40 / page
Extra costs in case of REMOTE FORMATION
(if the director / shareholder cannot come to Prague for signing, he needs to sign at a local embassy)
5.000 - 10.000 200 - 400
Legal / Notary services
(other than company formation / changes)
2.500 / hour 100 / hour
Type of Service CZK EUR
Registration of a typical Trade License (Zivnostenky list)

including 1 or more trade licenses,
optional 2 hours of consultation (before and after registration),
including tax / social / health registrations,
including stamp duty of trade license register (1.000 CZK),

7.000-8.500 280 - 340
Business Seat / Virtual Office in Prague
(price depends on duration and location)
/ month
/ month
Court Translation
non-EU languages: 1500 CZK/page
1000 / page 40 / page
Business Visa / Residence Permit Application 2.500 - 7.500 100 - 300

Select your own package & calculate the price here: Trade License Order Form

Services required for Business Visa Extension
(does not include the Business Visa Extension itself)
Renewal of Trade License - including fees of authorities 2.00080
Fresh copies of SRO Company Formation Documents - including fees of authorities 2.00080
Proofs of no debt 'bezdluznost' from Tax Office, Social Insurance Health Insurance - including fees of authorities

*Note I: For Trade Licenses usually only Tax and Social Insurance are required (not Health Insurance).
*Note II: in case of debts or missing / incomplete registrations, we charge 1000 CZK / hr for the extra work
1pcs: 1.500
2pcs (T+S): 2.500
3pcs (T+S+H): 3.500
1pcs: 60
2pcs (T+S): 100
3pcs (T+S+H): 140
Court Translation
non-EU languages: 1.500 CZK/page
from 1.000 / page from 40 / page
Type of Service CZK EUR
Preparing Documents for Temporary Residence Permit (for EU Citizens),

Documents only, we do not accompany you to the Foreign Police
(but you get clear instructions, so you can manage by yourself)

step 1: 1-hour consultation on what documents are required,
step 2: in the next days /weeks: email support, checking your documents, filling in the application form
3.500 140
"Alexio": sro, IC 27629279, or one of its associated service providers.

"Client": The person or company that orders / pays for Alexio services

"Pricelist": the complete pricelist on

Invoice, Proof of payment

The Client will receive an invoice / proof of payment for our services. When paying in cash, Alexio will issue a receipt.
Alexio services are tax deductable expenses and can be put in the accounting.

Invoicing in CZK or EUR

Listed prices are without 21% VAT.
Theremay be payment options without VAT as well. This needs to be indicated by the Client in advance.

Prices listed in EURO on the pricelist are based on an exchange rate of 25 CZK / EUR, and only an indication. When issuing an invoice, Alexio will use the then current CNB exchange rate + 3.5% conversion charges.

Payment Methods

Payment can be in cash, by (international IBAN / SEPA) bank transfer, Paypal or Credit Card payment.

Payment is in full, in advance. Alexio does not accept payment in parts.

Deposit Invoice

For some services (for example, but not limited to, one-off Accounting / Administration / Visa Tasks, SRO Formation, Trade License Registration or once-a-year Income Tax Returns), Alexio issues a Deposit Invoice, in particular for new Clients, Clients that do not take our monthly / quarterly accounting services or Clients not / no longer based in Czech Republic.

By paying it, the Client acknowledges that there can be a Final Invoice in case there will be extra / additional work / hours in addition to what was indicated in the pricelist / agreed at time of the Deposit payment. In case there will be no extra / additional work / hours, the Deposit Invoice will cover all of the agreed services.

Alexio does not start its services before receiving the Deposit.

Once started, Alexio does not refund paid deposit for services if the Client decides that he does not need the services / cancels the process. If during the processing Alexio determines that some services ordered by the Client are not necessary or superfluous, then Alexio will inform the Client and discuss which services are relevant and the possibilities of a partial refund.

Unless a fixed / other sum has been agreed in writing / by email with the Client before starting the job, the total costs for the services are calculated according the online pricelist.

Poor Payment behaviour, Reminders

Due date is 7 days after the issue date.

By Czech law Alexio is entitled to charge 0.5% penalty interest per day + reminder costs after the Due date has passed.
First Reminder is sent 7 days after the Due date.
Second Reminder is sent 14 days after the Due date, and 250 CZK + 14 days of interest will be charged.
a Final Reminder is send 21 days after the Due date, 2* 250 CZK is charged + 21 days of interest.

Further refusal / inability to pay may lead to debt collection by an external party.
All related costs will be invoiced to the Client, including penalty interest calculated from the Due date on the original invoice.

Services are halted if one or more invoices are in the Final Reminder stage.
Re-enabling services is possible after all open invoices (not only the overdue one), penalty interests and related costs have been paid in full. In extreme cases, such as recurring poor payment behaviour may lead to Alexio charging for services ina advnce, or terminating services altogether.

In case the Client is unable to pay (in time) we recommend to contact us as soon as possible. We are willing to waive (part of) the penalty interest and/or extend the due date if the Client communicates / cooperates. Refusal to communicate, including ignoring Reminders, will always make things worse. Fair play pays off.

Questions / Disputes

In case the Client feels that invoicing has been incorrect or he did not receive the correct (amount of / level of) services, we ask to respond as soon as possible by email.

Czech authorities may be extremely difficult to deal with; things may take (much) longer than expected and additional documents may be required. We do not claim to be perfect; it is possible that we did make a mistake somewhere. However more often than not, the problem is somewhere else.

Do not hesitate to contact us (by email). Many questions / assumptions can be clarified by simply contacting us and listen to what we have to say - before the situation escalates into a dispute. Being rude or refusal to pay our invoice without any notice / communication because of (assumed) incorrectness of our services and/or invoice is not a solution.

We strive to solve any issue quickly and in a satisfactory way for both Client and Alexio.


By paying the (deposit) invoice, the Client acknowledges he agrees with the Alexio Pricing and Payment policy.

Prices may change without prior notice. Individual offers may differ from the pricelist published online.

This Pricing & Payment policy is subject to Czech legislation.

In case a price indication on the website(s) differs from the pricelist, the pricelist or price calculated by the order form is leading. No rights can be derived from any of the information on the website(s).

Updated 05/01/2020

GDPR & Data Retention Policy

"Alexio": sro, IC 27629279, VAT CZ27629279, or one of its associated service providers ( sro, ing. R.A v/d Munt, H. v/d Munt).


We use cookies on our website(s) in order to operate Google Adwords, Google Analytics and other third-party plug-ins to analyze the visits to our website. We do not have a website without cookies.

Data & Confidentiality & Consent & GDPR:

Data sent to us in any form is personal and confidential and will be treated as such. We do not forward / share your contact info / data to third parties. Email addresses will be added to our mailing list, occasionally we send out newsletters with accounting / business related information. An unsubscribe button is always present.

By interacting with us in any shape or form, the (potential) client gives us consent for using his/her personal and/or business data for the purpose of consultancy, accounting, tax processing, newsletters.

Addition because of GDPR: if you do not wish to be on the mailing list and/or do not give us consent to use your data as has been common for decades, we're very sorry - we can not take you as a client, because it makes our work impossible.

Document Retention Policy

At all times, the client has to take care of proper document archiving. This is his/her responsibility. Alexio keeps electronic copies in cloud-based solutions (Google Drive and alike) and paper copies in its premises for accounting purposes. However, by doing so, the liability does not transfer to Alexio and stays with the client.

After the cooperation with Alexio ends, it is the client's responsibility to collect the books / data within 1 month of ending the cooperation / filing of the last tax return. After this 1 month, Alexio will archive for a maximum of 12 months whatever documents are available at a rate of 200 CZK/month per document binder / 1 Gb data unless it receives explicit instructions indicated on the handover protocol / in writing / by email by the client that data is to be discarded immediately. After those 12 months, Alexio has the right to discard data on its servers / cloud solutions / (paper) archive without prior notice to the client. The archiving fee does not apply to documents / data required for regular monthly / quarterly accounting services of the running year, however the client will be asked to pick up documents / save data of the previous years.

Accounting output (such as tax returns, (de)registration forms, Accounting Software internal database file) shall be handed over / made available to the customer after all outstanding bills, including the fees for archiving, have been paid in full and the hand-over protocol has been signed.

Updated 01/04/2020