Information on SRO Company Formation

Benefits of our SRO company formation service:

  • We look at your plans before deciding on the right kind of business
  • Often, an SRO is not the best possible solution
  • We select with you the trade licenses occording to your activities
  • We'll discuss remote ownership (no need to come to Czech Republic)
  • We'll determine who will be director and shareholder
  • Selecting Virtual Office / Business Seat / Registered Address or own Address

After company formation, you probably will need:

With us, you have a one-stop shop for all your business needs.

1-hour Business Consultation

We highly recommend booking a 1 hour of business consultation before you buy an SRO. This can be done online, and you select a day / hour that is suitable for you. The consultation can also take place by email.

We will guide you in the process from your idea to a working business in Czech Republic, including topics such as Accounting, Taxes, VAT, health insurance, residence permit / visas and any other question you may have.

Questions about Accounting, Taxes, Setting up a Business in CZ? Book a Consultation!

Forming a new SRO

We form a new SRO company from scratch, exactly to your specifications in about 2 weeks. An SRO can have multiple directors / shareholders and many trade licenses (for each activity). Also Name, Share Capital an Address can be chosen by the future owners.

We'll go to the authorities to pick up all required Czech documents and have your foreign documents translated.

You only have to sign a couple of Power of Attorneys at a Czech notary / Czech embassy.

Nowadays, opening a bank account for share capital is not even required, so no depositing the Share Capital in a Czech bank account is necessary, unless the Share Capital is higher.

Note that it will be necessary for each Director to visit the notary / embassy.

The price for a newly-formed SRO company starts from about 10.000 CZK,
depending on the specifications, see the order form below.

The preparation of the POAs and company formation documents is a matter of days / hours.

Ready-made SRO Company

Ready-made SRO companies used to be a big thing, but now formation of a new SRO is about as fast, so there are hardly any reasons to buy a ready-made anymore.

After signing the Powers of Attorney, you are immediately director and can start trading, although it will take at least 2 weeks before changes are visible in Commercial Court - as long as for a new SRO.

Ready-mades nowadays do not come with a bank account anymore and since you probably want to change the name, address, trade licenses, company structure you might as well for a new SRO.