Accounting- and Business Services:

Alexio's biggest strength is that unlike most of the Czech accounting companies, we have a lot of experience in dealing with foreign clients (95% of our portfolio) and their specific issues in Czech Republic.

We have helped hundreds of SME clients working as self-employed, on a trade license, as Business Consultant, IT specialist or Marketing Expert providing services and invoicing their clients in CZ, the EU or even outside the EU.

Next to that, we have sro clients that are active in the local Czech market, others are involved in international trade.

Because an estimated 95% of our clients' businesses is foreigner or foreign-owned, certain parts of accounting become more complicated compared to an average Czech business (think of international tax- and VAT issues, hiring foreign people, registering at social- and health insurance, tax residency of owners and employees, etc). started in 2006, and by now we have assisted 1000s of clients - both with one-off services and with regular accounting.

Cost Estimate

A question we hear very often is: 'So how much is accounting going to cost me?' It is a very logical question, but not easy to answer in case you have an SRO, because we do not know your business, the state of the books and potential issues. Compare it to phoning a car mechanic and asking him about the costs of servicing or repair of your car. At least he would need to know the make and model, and the state of the vehicle - else it would be a complete shot in the dark.

Consultancy, One-off jobs, representation at Authorities - not only for regular clients

Short tasks, such as solving a problem at the tax office / social office / health insurance, becoming VAT-registered, registering a car or an employee, assistance with proofs of debt / exekutor / documents for mortgage etc etc are either offered for a fixed fee (see the pricelist) or are charged on hourly basis, depending on what it is. Feel free to contact us and ask an estimate.

New Business? Not VAT-registered?

Important to know is that if you are not VAT-registered, you will not need monthly accounting, just an annual Income Tax Return (in that case, we process your documents all at once, instead of during the year). If you need assistance / advice during the year, you can just book a consultation / order a service without any accounting contract.

Changing Accountant

In case you have already a running SRO business, and a previous accountant processed documents, please bring them, not just the Tax Return. During the meeting we will go through them with you, so we get some impression about the volume and complexness of your transactions. Also we will talk about pending issues or things that you would like to see changed.

In case you have a Trade License, accounting is usually simpler than for an SRO - basically you start every year from zero, so we do not have to take previous years in account, see examples on this page.

Typical VAT-registered Self-Employed person or small SRO

In case you, are consultant / IT specialist / programmer / freelancer or have a small one-man business and are VAT or VAT-Light registered, here are some examples of fees for accounting and VAT Filing:

Monthly Costs Price Example for Self-Employment on a Trade License, VAT-light Registration, invoicing monthly to an EU client

With a VAT-light Registration, a VAT Report needs to be filed *only* in the month that there was a Sale in the EU.

So, A month without any Sales into the EU:

0 VAT Report (0 CZK) - [because there were no sales in EU this month]
0 ESL (0 CZK) - [because there were no sales in EU this month]
0 hrs of accounting (0 CZK) - [nothing to do]
= 0 CZK, we invoice nothing.

If the next month there would be Sales in the EU (and processing takes 1 hour) the fee would be:

1 VAT Report (750 CZK) - [because there were sales in EU this month]
1 ESL (500 CZK) - [because there were sales in EU this month]
1 hr of accounting (1.000 CZK)
=2.250 CZK

Monthly Costs Price Example for a small SRO company, Full VAT Registration, clients in CZ and in the EU

A month with A VAT Report (only Expenses in CZ) and 2 hours of accounting / admin service.

1 VAT Report (750 CZK)
no KH Report (0 CZK) - [because there were no sales in CZ this month]
2 hrs of accounting (2 * 1.000 CZK)
= 2.750 CZK

If the next month there would be more work (let's say 4 hours of accounting because of a lot of Sales / Purchases in CZ) the fee would be:

1 VAT Report (750 CZK)
1 KH Report (500 CZK) - [because of the sales in CZ this month]
4 hrs of accounting (4 * 1.000 CZK)
=5.250 CZK

If the third month there would be also Sales into EU (let's say 3 hours of accounting) the fee would be:

1 VAT Report (750 CZK)
1 KH Report (500 CZK) - [because of the sales in CZ this month]
1 ESL (500 CZK) - [because there were sales in EU this month]
3 hrs of accounting (3 * 1.000 CZK)
=4.750 CZK

How we charge for our services:

Monthly accounting consist of processing your (foreign) bank statements, expenses, social- and health contributions, payroll and processing for VAT (see below for more detail). If applicable, we will also warn you about upcoming income tax prepayments, road tax, property tax etc.

Accounting tasks are measured in 10-minute intervals.

So, if something took 2 hours and 40 minutes, you will pay for 2 hours and 40 minutes - not 3 hours. We work on a pay-as-you-go basis. In case you need our services more, you pay more, and if there is a lower demand, you pay less. It's as fair and easy as that.

VAT Return / Kontrolni Hlaseni / European Sales List filing

In case your business is VAT registered, monthly or quarterly VAT Returns need to be filed, and a Kontrolni Hlaseni in the months there was a VAT-transaction within Czech Republic.

In case of invoicing to VAT-registered clients in EU, a VAT Return and an European Sales List needs to be filed, but only for the months that really an invoice was sent.

Filing a VAT Return is a series of actions:
  • receiving, checking and printing out of documents sent by the client,
  • checking if incoming revenue matches the issued invoices,
  • in case of different currencies: enter the exchange rate difference between amount on invoice and when it was actually received,
  • checking VAT numbers / addresses of clients,
  • producing the VAT Return / Kontrolni Hlaseni / European Sales List,
  • printing out and archiving the response of the Tax Office,
  • informing the client of the due VAT amount, including pdfs of the VAT Return / KH / ESL
Even with just one invoice per month, this will take at least 1 hour - it is not a 5-minute matter of 'just filing a VAT Return' as some people may think.

Therefore, the monthly / quarterly returning costs are defined as follows: VAT Return: 750 CZK, Kontrolni Hlaseni 500 CZK (if applicable), European Sales List 500 CZK (if applicable) + the hours spent on accounting (1000 CZK/hr).

Note on VAT Deadline:

Send in your papers by the 5th and avoid extra costs / penalties!
Clients that do not provide all documents by the 5th of each month run the risk that there will not be enough time to process the papers during office hours and/or not before the deadline (which results in penalties from the Tax Office).

Pricelists for Accounting and Business Services

Certain standard tasks have a fixed fee, are not charged on hourly basis. You can find them in the pricelists here: Pricelist for Accounting and Business Formation Services

Keeping up-to-date with changes in CZ legislation and taxes

Czech Republic legislation and taxes change *very* often, at least once per year. Sometimes the changes are small, sometimes the changes may have a severe impact on your business. Therefore it is necessary to familiarize yourself on regular basis about obligations and possibilities that you may have. We are informing our clients in the following ways:

  • By updating (free) information on this website several times per year,
  • Through (free) newsletters,
  • Regular clients have a dedicated accountant that they can email to,
  • When ordering an annual income tax return, you can book a consultation about (new) tax rules and the impact on your business,
  • It is always possible to book a single consultation during the year, even during weekends

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: It is the client's responsibility to inform him / herself through one or more methods listed above, at least once a year. Free general information is no substitute for information specific to your business provided by your regular accountant or business consultant, and as such no rights can be derived from free information. Discuss your business / tax situation with your dedicated accountant or book a consultation at least once a year, but more often if you have questions, are in doubt, have trouble interpreting information (even from another source) or have a new business idea. If we do not hear from you we assume that you have informed yourself sufficiently and interpreted the information correctly.